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View Instagram Stories Anonymously: Hi friends welcome to my site. Are you searching for how to view Instagram stories anonymously? Don’t worry in this post we guide how to view Instagram stories anonymously. There are several ways to view Instagram Stories anonymously. While viewing Instagram Stories, keep in mind that the individual who uploaded the story may see who watched it. In general, this isn’t an issue, but there may be times when you wish to read someone’s Instagram Stories privately.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously

There are a few ways to see stories without exposing your identity to the poster, although each option will have variable degrees of effectiveness.

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How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

There are 3 methods can view Instagram Stories without notifying the other person.

  • With an unidentified account, you could view Instagram Stories anonymously.
  • Turning on airplane mode allows you to view stories without notifying the person.
  • Slide & View Adjacent
  • Third-party services that promise anonymous Story viewing might be untrustworthy, although some do work.

With Unidentifiable Account:

The easiest option to see someone’s Instagram Stories anonymously is to use an Instagram account that isn’t instantly associated with you.

If you have another account set up, connecting it to Instagram and changing between the two anytime you want to watch someone’s Stories without knowing them is as simple as it gets.

Turning On Airplane Mode:

It is possible to see someone’s Stories anonymously by enabling airplane mode on your mobile device before tapping on them.

You may potentially see one without being noticed because Instagram constantly preloads numerous stories to enable rapid viewing even when you don’t have a reliable Wi-Fi or data connection.

view instagram stories anonymously

To test this, open the Instagram app and navigate to the account’s profile, then enable airplane mode on your smartphone before returning to the application and tapping on the user’s stories.

Nevertheless, if the person in issue has uploaded many articles in a row, the app is unlikely to have downloaded them all, thus they will not all be available in airplane mode.

Slide & View Adjacent Stories:

Instead of clicking on the Instagram Story you wish to see, you can click on the Story of another account adjacent to it. Because Instagram shows Stories back-to-back, you may glimpse the first frame of the following account’s Story but not fully click on it by lightly holding the swipe. This means you may get a sense of what’s going on in the first Story without having your name appear on a “Seen by” list.

Similarly, you may watch the final frame of someone’s Story by clicking on the initial Story of the next profile and lighting sliding back to view the last Story of the prior account. Nevertheless, this approach does not allow you to see all of the mid-frames of an account’s Narrative.

Third-Party App or Site:

There are a lot of third-party applications and websites that claim to allow you to view Instagram Stories without logging in.

But, using a third-party service comes with a privacy cost. That does keep users from knowing who saw their article, but it also sends additional details from your web browsers to an unknown person or organization – who runs the site.

IGAnony and StoriesIG are two services that claim to allow users to use Instagram anonymously. Some sites will not enable you to see private Stories, but while the user is public, you should be able to view them without quickly revealing your identity to the poster.

Important: This service only operates for public accounts and cannot access the stories of private accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you track who views your Instagram?

Instagram users cannot see who visits their profiles. Therefore, if you glance through someone’s profile don’t click likes or comments on post, they have no idea who views the photos.

Why do girls use Vanish mode?

This feature allows users to hold secret talks that disappear after reading. Instagram’s Vanish mode prevents people eavesdropping on your smartphone from seeing your private messages.


These are the simple ways to view Instagram stories anonymously. we hope this view Instagram stories anonymously posted will help you. If you like this Instagram information please share with your friends. We are regularly updating my post so keep following my site to view Instagram stories anonymous updates. Thank you for reading this post.

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